Galaxy War is a new AHC partner!

There are already examples of online games in the DeFi community, but Galaxy War is a qualitatively new level! The Galaxy Studio team, the game developers, has more than 10 years of experience in creating multiplayer strategies. Including 3 successful blockchain-based projects.

DeFi market opens up wide opportunities both for indie game makers and big studios. And we are sure that Galaxy War success will accelerate development of this sector of decentralized finance economy.

About Galaxy War. A multiplayer strategy game in a space setting. It allows players to colonize planets, join alliances, take part in large-scale battles, trade, etc. The game has implemented a lot of familiar mechanics and new features.

And all this with the opportunity to trade in-game currency on a real exchange!

About Atom Heart Capital (AHC). We are a team of experienced financial experts, marketers, analysts and managers. Our fund’s mission is to find successful DeFi projects and provide them with the resources to conquer new heights.

We are creating an ecosystem of startups that are changing the modern economy and the world around us for the better!



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