New Partnership Agreement: Cowboy Snake game project

Atom Heart Capital (AHC) becomes a partner of the Cowboy Snake project, which impresses with the number of opportunities to create a unique gaming experience. This project develops not only the field of DeFi, but also contributes to the development of various technologies.

About Cowboy Snake. The game is a redefining of the classic arcade Snake. The gameplay is based on simple mechanics of movement and getting points. However, all this is complemented by PvE and PvP modes, tournaments, various quests and the ability to exchange in-game currency for real money.

In the future, the project developers plan to expand the possibilities of obtaining gaming experience using VR and AR technologies. In the next few years, Cowboy Snake may become one of the most innovative games of our time.

Detailed information about the project can be found on the official website:

About Atom Heart Capital (AHC). Our team looks for promising projects in the field of cryptocurrency and DeFi. We carefully review the project team and its achievements, and then use our experience and resources to help developers realize their boldest and most innovative ideas



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