Partnership agreement with the Colizeum project

We are pleased to welcome the startup Colizeum among Athom Heart Capital’s partner projects. The DeFi market needs projects that make it easy to create P2E apps and attract teams of experienced developers.

And Colizeum is that kind of project.

About Colizeum. An innovative platform for the development of P2E applications and the implementation of this method of monetization in existing projects. Colizeum is a whole set of tools for building stable and profitable in-game tokenomics.

Thirty-five experienced game developers and blockchain-based projects are working on the creation of the startup. The startup is based on Binance Smart Chain, but in the future the developers plan to make Colizeum a cross-chain platform.

The official website of the project, White Paper and other information can be found at:

About Athom Heart Capital (AHC). We represent a team of experienced investors, marketers, managers and other experts in various aspects of business. We search, develop and promote promising blockchain projects.

Each project in AHC ecosystem makes a huge contribution to the development of the crypto industry and DeFi market.



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