Prospective partnership agreement with Kaizen Finace

The DeFi sphere is actively developing, and services that facilitate the issuance and distribution of tokens are becoming more and more in demand. Kaizen Finace is just such a platform. We are confident that in the future this project will become no less important for the DeFi sphere than Ethereum, Solana, and other blockchain platforms.

And we, in turn, will help this startup to achieve maximum results.

About Kaizen Finace. The world’s first crosschain platform that allows crypto startups to create tokens and manage their lifecycle. Kaizen Finace provides project creators with a whole set of tools to form stable and growing tokenomics.

Among other things, it’s the ability to create tokens without writing code in Solidity, Rust, and other programming languages that run smart contracts. In addition, Kaizen Finace allows you to create tokens on several popular blockchain platforms and coins that support multiple blockchain protocols.

At the same time, automatic allocation of tokens to investors and coin value control tools allow for optimized tokenomics management.

About Athom Heart Capital (AHC). We bring together investors, marketers, managers, and opinion leaders to help promising blockchein startups. The AHC team creates an ecosystem of projects, each making a tremendous contribution to the DeFi and crypto industry.



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