We are pleased to announce a partnership agreement with the Enrex project

This startup will become an important part of both our ecosystem and the DeFi economy. Enrex is a prime example of the use of Blockchain technology for the development of environmental initiatives.

The success of this project proves that DeFi startups can be not only profitable, but also socially useful. And this is exactly what is needed to strengthen and further develop our community.

About Enrex

A unique service that allows you to use cryptocurrency to trade government quotas for carbon dioxide emissions. Enrex will play an essential role in the environmental policy of countries using CO2 emission quotas.

The presence of large enterprises and investment funds on the platform helps accelerate the process of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

About Atom Heart Capital

A venture fund whose goal is to develop the DeFi economy. We do not just invest in promising startups, but take a direct part in their development.

The team (AHC) consists of experienced experts in the realm of venture investments, blockchain, advertising, etc. Thanks to our experience and resources, we take projects to a new level and help them develop much faster.



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Atom Heart

Atom Heart

Atom Heart Capital has brought together a multi-disciplinary team that has immense experience spanning from investing, portfolio management, and capital markets