We are pleased to announce a partnership with Atlantis Metaverse

A new play 2 earn game, in the strategy genre. This project implements many features of the NFT technology and the concept of the metaverse. We are confident that it will become one of the leaders of the genre.

About Atlantis Metaverse. This project is, foremost, a metaverse in which artists and developers will be able to implement their ideas and sell them to players. Players, in turn, get the opportunity to earn real money by completing exciting quests and collecting various items.

The economy of the game is based on $TAU and $AUM tokens. Both tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrency, or fiat money.

The developers are actively introducing new features and mechanics. By the end of 2022, raid bosses, PvP mode, tournaments, guilds, pets and many new quests will appear in the game.

More information about the project can be found on the official website: https://www.theatlantis.io/

About Atom Heart Capital (AHC). Our team is searching and developing promising DeFi projects. We have experience in managing these kinds of startups, as well as the resources we use to take them to the next level.

Together with our partners, we’re creating an ecosystem of projects that are changing the world.

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