We are pleased to inform you about the partnership with the Supernova project

After reviewing all the details of the project, we decided to sign a partnership agreement with the developers from SUNDAY GAMES. Supernova is the flagship project of the studio, which we have been working on since April 2020.

At the same time, the SUNDAY GAMES team already has 5 successfully implemented game projects.

About Supernova. MMORPG in the science fiction genre, with an open world and a lot of exciting mechanics. The game is set in the far future. The players will be able to:

Control various models of spaceships;

Visit a variety of planets;

mine resources;

study technologies;

complete scenario events;

fight with other players in PvP mode;

At the same time, most of the in-game items will be tied to the NFT, which can be sold on the trading platform for the $LFC cryptocurrency. Thus, any activity in the game will bring users real money.

The official website of the game: https://sunday.games/supernova/

About Athom Heart Capital (AHC). The Athom Heart Capital team consists of dozens of experts in investments, blockchain technologies, marketing and management. Thanks to our extensive resources and experience, we can find promising projects and help them realize their full potential.

Every AHC partner is a startup that contributes, to some extent, to the development of the entire blockchain industry.



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