We signed a partnership agreement with a new project — Totem Earth.

The mission of this project is to create a real Web 3.0 Internet, which will be implemented a variety of functions and services. A real metaverse, not limited to the game world!

Creation of Totem Earth is a huge step forward for our community.

About Totem Earth. This platform brings together a lot of opportunities for developers, artists, bloggers, investors, and ordinary users. It will feature social networks, marketplaces, educational products, games, modeling and development tools, and more.

This entire ecosystem will be connected by a common economy based on the $CTZN token. Users of the ecosystem will be able to use these coins to pay for various services and products.

More information about the project can be found at the official website: https://www.totem.earth/

About Atom Heart Capital (AHC). We are a team of experienced investors, analysts, managers and marketers. We know what characteristics a promising project should have and how to make it as successful as possible.

Atom Heart Capital uses its resources to find startups that are changing the world for the better and help them achieve their goals.



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Atom Heart

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